As fall approaches, time to slow down social interactions: B.C. health officials

As fall approaches, time to slow down social interactions: B.C. health officials
WatchAs the pandemic carries on and influenza season approaches, Dr. Bonny Henry says it's time to prepare and to shrink our bubbles one again. Julian Kolsut has this story.

B.C.’s top doctor says with fall approaching, which brings the flu season and a potential second wave, it’s time to slow down our social interactions.

“We have enjoyed our province [this summer] and many of us recharged, now we must slow down on our social interactions and we must prepare for the respiratory season ahead,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer, on Monday.

The message means social bubbles will need to be narrowed, and with poor weather comes a lack of space to meet distanced.

“Flu season will make things a lot more complicated,” said Dr. Mike Benusic, Island Health’s medical health officer for central Vancouver Island.

“If people are spreading flu around, it will be difficult to determine without getting the test if they have COVID or influenza.”

But after just getting back to visiting friends and family, many say the change will be tough.

“There are things that really add to our anxiety and mental health problems,” said Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater, professor of psychology at the University of Victoria.

“One of them is transitions, one of them is uncertainty, and one of them is a lack of control. The other one is a lack of connections. So we have all of those things, and we have them all at the same time and we all have all of them.”

Now many are able to access mental health services online and be referred through telehealth.

“Figure out who you need to be with now and stay with those people,” said Leadbeater.

“You are going to be in contact with some people in school. You may have a small bubble of those people who you play. Make your choice now and keep it small, keep it to the people who you really care about and want to be with”



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