Ancient beers are coming to life in Qualicum Beach brewery


WATCH: Ancient beer is being brought back to life in a Qualicum Beach brewery thanks to a collaboration with VIU’s Archaeology program.  As Skye Ryan reports, an accomplished brewmaster is taking the same recipes from millennia ago to create a beer that well really does take you back in time.

Dave Paul is a brewer, enjoying a little time travel.

“You get the feel that this is what they would have been doing back then,” said Paul the brewmaster and owner of Love Shack Libations.

Going back millennia in a beer mug by bringing ancient beer to life once again.

“It’s unbelievably cool,” said Paul.

“Like sourcing things and finding out ingredients like what would they have used.”

In his Qualicum Beach brewery he’s resurrected two ancient brews in a collaboration with Vancouver Island University Archaeology Professor Dr. Marie Hopwood and VIU undergrad Melissa Ayling.

Recreating ancient ales from Egypt, Mesopotamia and Scandinavia.

“And it’s pretty much the same science, it’s the same as back then,” said Paul.

There are some variations for sanitary reasons and health codes don’t let some of the quease inducing methods like human spit being added to the brew to ferment it, into this one.

But otherwise Paul’s really tried to copy all he can ingredient and method wise.

Recreating beers based on chemical residues recovered on pottery in archaeological digs.

The taste he says is surprisingly delicious. Almost every last bottle of Odin’s Brew and Midas Touch has sold out at the brewery and more is planned.

A Mayan inspired ancient brew, will be made next week. Making the past more relatable through ale.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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