The old Johnson Street bridge. File photo.

The old Johnson Street bridge. File photo.

The new Johnson Street Bridge may be open but the discussion about the future of the old blue bridge continues.

A recent joke advertisement on Used Victoria called Want to buy a bridge? #BridgeforSale asks if anyone would like a “pretty blue bridge.”

The ad offers some suggestions about what to do with ‘Old Blue’, including charging a toll to make millions, turning it into public art or sinking it alongside the HMCS Annapolis in Howe Sound to create another artificial reef.

The sale was for one day only but since the ad is still up, you are free to try to get a bridge of your own. The poster, BrooklynBridge, said the buyer is in charge of disassembling the bridge and it became available March 31. A price was not included in the ad.

According to the City of Victoria, the Dynamic Beast crane barge will remove the old bridge. A date has not been announced at this time.