Americans head to the polls for the U.S. midterm election while Canadians watch


WATCH: Americans head to the polls for the U.S. midterm election

Americans headed to the polls for the U.S. midterm election on Tuesday.

Royal Road political communications professor David Black says the nation is facing a critical question about its future and identity.

“[Americans are asking themselves] ‘Do we approve of the ideological currents at large in the United States, this wave of conservative populism that Trump is the representative of?'” Black said.

The entire House of Representatives is being elected along with a third of the Senate.

The Democrats need to gain 23 more seats to control the House, and two more seats to get a majority in the Senate.

A few hours before the first polls closed, Black said that “The consensus view… is that the Democrats will win the house and the Republicans will probably retain the Senate.”

Experts say Canada could also be affected, in terms of trade issues.

“With respect to the Trump administration’s use of tariffs and their somewhat isolationist and anti-free trade views, Vancouver Island will be materially affected in some way, again depending on where this midterm goes,” Black said.

Democrats Abroad will be watching in Victoria at the Strathcona Hotel.

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