All-female cab company pitched for the West Shore


WATCH: It’s aimed at catering to women in an industry that’s typically dominated by men. An all-female taxi service is being planned for the West Shore. Mary Griffin reports.

Driving a cab is what Tammy Hogg loves to do.

“I love it. I love it. Every day is a different day. You never know who is getting into your cab until they get in,” Hogg said.

Hogg is one of three female cab drivers currently working in Sooke. If the application for her company, Women on Wheels, is approved by the taxi commision, it will be the first all-women taxi company on Vancouver Island.

“Out here in Sooke, we get calls from Langford for taxis. But we are not big enough out here. So, let’s start one where we can accommodate,” Hogg said.

The idea of female-only drivers is not new. Last week,a fleet of female drivers hit the road in Toronto as part of the ride-share app, DriveHer.  Jordyn Samuels said she often hears from her passengers that they appreciate the service.

“I experience a lot of comments from female passengers. Because they feel happy to see me. They feel safer,” Samuels said.

There are more than 100 women driving in Toronto for the app and the company hopes to expand to other cities.  DriveHer app founder Aisha Addo said her own experience with a male driver led to her developing the service.  Addo said women are driving demand.

“We are providing a service that provides economic and empowerment for women. And then also an option for women to feel safe,” Addo said.

In Sooke, customers often request female drivers, but that’s not always possible. That’s led to the creation of Women on Wheels, said Hogg.

“We just take a little extra time, because that is just nature. We are caregivers, and we just want to give care, and offer a service.”

Hogg says the community is ready for an all female-taxi business.

“It’s nice to know that people enjoy getting into my cab and spending time with me. I’m like the bartender behind the wheel.”

If their license is approved, Women on Wheels cabs could be on the road in three to four months.

Mary GriffinMary Griffin

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