Alberni teen lives her dream singing with Foo Fighters in concert

Alberni teen lives her dream singing with Foo Fighters in concert

WATCH: A Port Alberni teen is still floating from her Saturday night appearance on stage with the Foo Fighters. Madi Duncan has loved the band for years and with the help of her Dad and cheering friends, she got to the front of the stage – where out of thousands of fans she was picked from the crowd to get up with the band.

Madi Duncan’s just had an experience she will be telling her grandchildren about.

On Saturday night, she sang with her favourite band, the Foo Fighters, in a packed Rogers Arena.

“And I just, I wish I could have seen my face,” said the 16-year-old Alberni Secondary School student.

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OH. MY. GOD. I just got to sing with my absolute favourite band in the world. I'm only sixteen and I got to meet my heroes. I got to duet with Taylor Hawkins (even with me having a cold!) WOW!! I am extraordinarily grateful for this amazing opportunity. I had no clue that it was even gonna happen. I didn't think it was gonna happen. But it was a huge accomplishment for myself in a way that you might not expect. A lot of people are aware (or maybe not) of my struggles with mental illness and have been very supportive of me throughout it all, but something that you may not know is how much Foo Fighters helped my younger self during the worst time of my life. Essentially, I can sincerely say that without them I wouldn't be who I am today, in fact I wouldn't be here today. So getting to sing with the band that helped me save myself was such a dream come true, and I feel like it's a bit of closure to my dark past. So once again, thank you to these six extraordinary guys. I can't stop crying. Thank you Foo, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. (Also if anyone got any cool pics tag me!!) #foofighters #foofightersvancouver2018 #foofightersvancouver #davegrohl #taylorhawkins #queen #davidbowie #underpressure #freddiemercury #foo #rocknroll #music #band #rogersarena #dreamscometrue #stadium #foofightersfan #fanonstage #davegrohlfan #singer #musician #healing #chrisshiflett #natemendel #ramijaffee #patsmear #nirvana #grunge #kurtcobain #singer #vocals

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During the concert, the Foo Fighters super fan was wearing a “Pick Me” sign. She got to the front of the stage with help from her dad, Craig Duncan. Then the moment happened.

“Do you want to sing ‘Under Pressure’ with me?” the band asked, pointing to Madi as the crowd cheered.

“And I thought ‘wow we’re at the pinnacle,'” said Craig. “This is dreams have been fulfilled.”

“I had thought about that so many times for years and then it finally happened,” said Madi.

The 16-year-old then proceeded to belt out David Bowie and Queen’s “Under Pressure” like there weren’t thousands watching.

“I think that’s the best part you kind of shocked them a little,” said Madi’s music teacher, Josh Kynoc.

“There’s some great musicians even in tiny Port Alberni you just gotta find them and give them the chance to get out and do their thing.”

Madi’s friends are also happy for her.

“I just never thought it would be a reality,” said Madi’s friend and bandmate Phoenix Gates.

“I’m just so proud of Madi,” said her friend Liam Welsh. “Like she is one of my best friends.”

Madi’s next goal is to have her Alberni band Stranger Than Fiction open for the Foo Fighters.

“Yeah that would be so cool,” said Duncan.

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