After more than a decade, Victoria Roundhouse rezoning to come to public hearing by Jan. 18

After more than a decade, Victoria Roundhouse rezoning to come to public hearing by Jan. 18
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The Roundhouse at Bayview Place project was forwarded to a public hearing at a Oct. 26 Committee of the Whole meeting.

A Vic West rezoning proposal over 15 years in the making is moving to the next step in the process, with a deadline to return to public hearing by Jan. 18, 2024.

The Roundhouse at Bayview Place rezoning had previously gone through the same process and received approval in 2008, however, the development permit expired so the project came back through the council.

In an effort to minorly expedite the process, during Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting Victoria Mayor Marianne Alto introduced an amendment to the motion put forward by staff requiring the Roundhouse rezoning project to come back to have a public hearing by Jan. 18, 2024.

“There can be little that could be said other than how remarkably transforming this particular proposal is going to be should it be approved when it comes to public hearing,” Alto said.

“I think it’s important to include a deadline for that public hearing because enough time has been spent on this to the point where what’s been presented to us is complete, is thorough, and I think is visionary.”

In May, council voted to send the project forward to public consultation, including with other government levels and nearby residents.

Council voted unanimously to send the Roundhouse project to public hearing.

If approved, the plan is to build nine buildings between 10 to 32 storeys each, adding to the existing heritage buildings.

The buildings would include 215 affordable rental homes, around 1,870 residential units, including condos and rental homes, restoring the 1913 heritage buildings, almost 400 new trees, bike and pedestrian connections, a childcare facility and 70,000 square feet of new retail and commercial space.

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