‘A wild serial killer’: Coombs family calls for action after wolf-dog kills pet

'A wild serial killer': Coombs family calls for action after wolf-dog kills pet

Warning: This story may be disturbing for some readers.

A Coombs family is calling for action to be taken against a wolf-dog after it attacked and killed their pet dog early Saturday morning.

During a routine morning walk on a trail at Coombs Country Campground with his beloved French bulldog, 17-month-old Ocean, owner Greg Salmon says he was sideswiped by a wolf-dog.

Then, the wolf-dog snatched Ocean, according to Salmon.

“I got about three-quarters of the way through, and this wolf comes out of nowhere, grabbed ocean, broke my finger, broke the leash, [and] ripped it right out of my hand,” he told CHEK News.

After being knocked down, Salmon pursued the animal that had Ocean by its teeth, but it quickly evaded. A short time later, Salmon and his partner Carolynn Marchilton found blood-soaked leaves.

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“This animal has to be destroyed,” said Salmon.

Ocean is the third victim in a string of attacks by a wolf-dog that has been on the loose since at least early September. Residents in the area claim a person was spotted dumping the animal out from a van in the Errington area.

Last month, two small dogs were injured in two separate attacks.

Since wolf-dogs are technically hybrids and not wild animals, the BC Conservation Officer Service says it’s not within its mandate to track or trap the animal.

“The BCCOS mandate is to protect the public from legislated ‘dangerous wildlife’ under the BC Wildlife Act — which is only a bear, cougar, coyote, or wolf. It doesn’t cover dog breeds or hybrids,” said Matthew Borghese with B.C.’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

Traps were set up in the area after the previous attacks but have not successfully captured the animal.

CHEK News has reached out to Coastal Animal Services, Oceanside RCMP and the BC SPCA for comment.

“This thing falls in the middle of nobody’s responsibility, and it just gets to run wild like a serial killer, killing everything it can see,” said Marchilton.

The couple hasn’t slept since the attack and is furious that the animal remains on the loose. They’ve been in contact with previous victims of the wolf-dog and are starting a petition to make wolf-dog breeding illegal.

“This person has let out a wild serial killer. One hundred per cent bloodthirsty serial killer and this persona needs to become accountable,” said Salmon.

The family is pleading for officials to capture the animals quickly before other animals are attacked or before it claims its first human victim.

“This has to be done because it’s gonna be a child,” added Salmon.

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