A new brew for a good cause: ‘Home Base’ to raise money for Comox Valley SAR


Beer and fundraisers always go hand-in-hand, which is why Comox Valley Search and Rescue has teamed up with Land & Sea Brewing Co. in Comox to raise money for an important cause.

“Part of the proposal was leaving it up to them and their brew team to decide what beer they wanted to make, so they were excited about the project as well,” said Comox Valley SAR’s Jamie McCue.

The result is a black Kolsch called Home Base.

It’s a light tasting beer they hope will catch on and raise around $5,000 during this limited run.

One hundred per cent of the proceeds from every beer sold will go to Comox Valley SAR. It’s just another way they’re trying to raise money.

Comox Valley SAR needs $1.5 million to build a new home. They need to leave their current headquarters because the lease is getting too expensive.

“We’re maxed out there right now,” McCue said.

“We’re paying $88,000 a year in rent right now, so we are just maxed out financially and space-wise. We’ve been in that hall a long time, and being one of the busiest teams in the province and on the Island, we have a lot of specialty gear and equipment that needs storage, and we’re just running out of space.”

They need about half a hectare of land before they can build and are still hoping any of the four local governments will come through. Otherwise, they’ll need to raise a lot more money.

So far, more than $803,000 has been donated.

“It’s been years of just pounding the pavement and the community being really generous with their support, but I really feel like we’re at a stage now where we need to step up a level, particularly with local governments and government funding,” McCue added.

“But, you know, times are tight for folks these days, and to be able to do a project like this with Land and Sea has been able to raise awareness about our needs and the campaign.”

“I think it’s important for the search and rescue to be funded because, you know, without those guys, people would be in a lot of trouble,” Land & Sea customer Bob Sharp told CHEK News Monday as he sipped a Home Base.

“I drink Guinness most of the time, but this is smoother than Guinness, so I like it,” added fellow customer Tim Pielak.

“Others are liking it, too, and we’re told it’s selling well.”

You can buy it by the can or pint or take it home in a growler as well.

Dean StoltzDean Stoltz

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