COVID-19 pandemic makes Mother’s Day one many won’t soon forget

COVID-19 pandemic makes Mother's Day one many won't soon forget
WatchIt's Mother's Day. One that will undoubtedly stick out for many moms. Sunday, brunches and even hugs were off the table in this pandemic. But as Julian Kolsut reports, that didn't stop anyone from showing their love.

Sunday was a Mother’s Day many mom across Vancouver Island and beyond won’t soon forget.

Much of regular life is still on hold due to COVID-19, and Mother’s Day is no exception.

The hot ticket item are usually brunches, but restaurants are either closed or limited to take-out.

It’s another huge economic hit to the many businesses which rely on the spike in visitors for the special day.

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel should be packed.

“Mothers day brunch is always an event we know will sell out quite soon after the tickets go live,” said Anneke Feuermann, marketing manager at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

“As well we know the spa will be booked to the max … our hotel rooms are usually booked to the max.”

But the hotel came up with a solution to keep the love and appreciation going — a gift basket.

“This basket is the perfect way to indulge and pamper your mom,” said Feuermann.

Inside mostly local products, including flowers from Platinum Floral Designs, macarons from Bon Macaron Patisserie and sparkling wine from Unsworth Vinyards.

“To see some of them struggling has been quite hard, and that is why we create baskets like this to support those partners,” said Feuermann.

The baskets sold out quickly after their release.

Many still ventured outside in Oak Bay on Mother’s Day even as the temperature climbed to more than 20 C.

For many the this Mother’s Day is a tough one, as social distancing means hugs, for some, are off limits.

“It’s crazy,” said mother Natasha Murdoch. “It’s weird it seems wrong. I did give my mom and elbow.”

“With my mom and dad we will be on a big deck,” said her husband Darren Murdoch.

“We will all have our spaces in the corners and at-least we can see each other like that.”

Many moms say they have never seen a Mother’s Day like this before.

“We had the polio thing, but it wasn’t quite as invasive of this,” said Annette Horn.

One thing is for sure, when social distancing comes to an end.

“Defiantly a lot more hugs, a lot more hugs,” said mother Sarina Walker.

A gift that can’t come soon enough.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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