98-year-old Courtenay man renews driver’s license


WATCH: A 98-year-old Courtenay man is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, he plans to keep on doing something he has been doing for decades…driving. Frank Harding recently renewed his license and today he took CHEK News Videographer Kendall Hanson for a ride.

He has a driving record many aspire to have but few are able to attain. 98-year-old Frank Harding has been driving for nearly eight decades and remarkably, he’s never been in a crash.

“You notice I don’t have my radio on,” said Harding. “I don’t have a cell phone. I drive when I’m in behind the wheel it’s all I do.”

His time behind the wheel started before he had a driver’s licence. While applying to serve during the Second World War, he was asked for his occupation so he made one up.

“Someone told me if you join the army all you’ll be doing is walking so I told the recruiting officer I was a truck driver,” recalled Harding with a chuckle.

So he started driving during the war.

“I just got behind the wheel and went. Of course, there wasn’t any freeway driving. It was out in the country,” said Harding.

He got his first driver’s licence only after returning to Canada.

Due to his age, he was recently asked to take a road test by his family doctor.

During the first test, there was fog and poor weather and he barely passed but the next time things went much better.

“She took me out for a road test. No problems.” said Harding.

He says he usually drives in ideal conditions and doesn’t drive as much as he used to.

“It’s the novelty, I guess, wearing off.”

Hanson and Harding stopped for an errand during the drive. He still opens the door for others who are also impressed he is still driving.

“Well, I’m happy because I’m close to 90 so that’s promising,” said Ken Kirkley. “I might make it. That’s something [he’s] still driving.”

As for his longevity and being able to still drive at 98?

“I’ve always worked hard and when I retired I bought 10 acres in Qualicum Beach. I had a lot of work to do there,” said Harding.

And he still works out at the gym daily. His routine and good health suggesting Harding still has a lot of kilometres yet to drive

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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