10 must-try meals under $15 in Greater Victoria

10 must-try meals under $15 in Greater Victoria

Looking for a tasty meal but don’t want to break the bank?

The MicCHEK Podcast recently asked local foodie Janine Boom from @besteatsvictoria on Instagram to come up with a list of her top 10 meals under $15 in Greater Victoria.

Here’s what she went with:

La Pasta – 1701 Douglas St., Victoria: Spaghetti and Meatballs ($15)

“It includes four meatballs, pasta and marinara sauce and the pasta is a fairly substantial portion.”

MOD Pizza – 104-3022 Merchant Way, Langford: 11-inch pizza ($14.87)

“You get an 11-inch thin crust build your own pizza and why I really wanted to put it on this list is because whether you put one topping on it or 30 toppings, it’s going to be the same price and that’s pretty awesome.”

Sizzling Tandoor – Uptown Shopping Centre: Lunch Buffet ($14.50)

“For $14.50 from noon to 3 p.m. you can get all you can eat Indian food. The buffet will include a rotating selection of two meat dishes and four vegetarian dishes as well as an endless supply of naan.”

Superbaba – 1325 Blanshard St., Victoria: Steak Bowl (All bowls are under $15)

“Superbaba actually has four different bowls all under $15 dollars but I’m picking specifically the steak bowl. You get half a plate of Persian rice, you get half salad, and then it comes with grilled steak, sumac onions, hummus and pickled cucumbers…it’s a whole lot of flavor packed into one bowl.”

Fern Cafe and Bakery – 1115 North Park St., Victoria: BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Poutine ($14)

“The jackfruit is used a lot in plant based foods to mimic the pulled pork. It’s my personal favourite poutine in the entire city.”

Noodle Fans – Hillside Shopping Centre: Taiwanese Red Braised Beef Noodle Soup ($13.95)

“This is an interesting one because it’s located in the mall, however it’s a locally owned business which I like. They have a bunch of different noodle dishes, and every item is under $15.”

Victoria Sushi – 176 Wilson St., Victoria: California Roll Combo Bento Box ($13.90)

“I feel like these lunch special bento boxes have gone up in prices but Victoria Sushi still has boxes under $15. It includes a California roll, tempura, miso soup, a great salad and some fruit.”

Pho Tru – Mayfair Mall: #19 Pho ($13 for the large bowl)

“The #19 is all the meats. What I love about Pho Tru is I feel it’s the best value for money. There isn’t a single thing on this menu that’s over $15 , and the quality is very good.”

Chicken 649 – 2224 Quadra St., Victoria: Lunch Combo ($12.50)

“This lunch combo is available between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. You get five pieces of original chicken, six pieces of potato wedges and a can of pop. It’s a great deal. This meal is almost enough for two people.”

Red Kettle Restaurant – 2630 Bridge St., Victoria: Breakfast Special ($8.50)

“I don’t even know if I could make this meal for this price at home. You get one egg, two pieces of either bacon, sausage, or ham, pan-fries and toast, and of course they’ll give you jam and everything as well. The pan-fries are very good.”

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