Goose raised by Metchosin student tries to hatch virtual eggs in TikTok video

Tiny the goose pecks an image of eggs on an iPhone before sitting on the device in a possible attempt to hatch them.

A goose named Tiny is proving that it’s not just humans who can get addicted to smartphones.

The Sebastopol goose, a breed known for its curly, wispy feathers, belongs to Metchosin’s Sava Bell, 16.

He’s been raising Tiny as part of a project this year with the Metchosin 4H Club.

“I was really interested in geese and I came across the Sebastopol and thought, ‘whoa, these geese look like clouds,'” said Bell, a Royal Bay Secondary student.

But it wasn’t until a few days ago that he discovered just how unique Tiny was.

“My dad and I were lying on our lawn and our phones fell out of our pockets and Tiny being Tiny, she came up to us and snacked on the lettuce we gave her and she started to sit down on the phones,” said Bell. “She started moving her chest in a motherly way.”

@holysmokes99 Our goose wants to sit on and hatch some iPhone eggs. #goose #hatch #farm #cute #farmlife ♬ original sound – BlueDogFarm

He documented the strange behaviour in a video posted to TikTok, but this time, put an image of eggs on the phone, which Tiny happily sat on.

“This is the first time I’ve seen something like that,” said Bell, who has raised geese before. “This year with Tiny, we just got lucky with a friendly goose.”


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