Programming Proposals

CHEK is currently accepting programming proposals for the 2025/2026 broadcast year

What We Are Looking For

CHEK Media works with independent Canadian producers on a broad range of programming including documentaries, lifestyle series, travel series, and Indigenous programming. We are committed to cultural diversity and the fair and accurate reflection of people of all beliefs, backgrounds, and races. Currently, we are looking for projects that will be relevant to people on Vancouver Island, but also of interest to people throughout BC and Canada.

We are also on the lookout for programming that may be a good fit for our IndieNet network, with 94 per cent Canadian coverage among CHEK and our partner stations across Canada. Any licensing on CHEK Media must include digital rights.

CHEK will also consider licensing individual projects for CHEK+, our free streaming app and OTT platform. License fees for digital programming will be evaluated on the same criteria as CHEK TV, and those fees are predicated on the potential audience each program will achieve, how it fits into CHEK’s local focus, and the strength of the project.

If a program is already licenced, we may consider a second window opportunity.

Partnering with CHEK

CHEK is open to partnership opportunities on projects that are to be shot on Vancouver Island and have the potential to sell to other markets. Projects shot and/or edited on Vancouver Island are eligible for bonus B.C. tax credits, as well as Federal Tax credits and CMF funding.

CHEK can trigger projects through the CMF Alternative Access Fund, as well as CMF pre-development funds.

All proposals for the broadcast year 2025/26 must be submitted by March 1, 2025.

Canadian Content

CHEK is proud to broadcast Canadian content, therefore all of our independently produced programming must carry Canadian content certification meeting CRTC guidelines.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals must include:

  1. Submission date
  2. Program title
  3. Length — 22 (1/2 hr. slot), 45 (1 hr. slot), feature (specify length)
  4. Number of episodes
  5. Genre
  6. Where your company is located
  7. Logline — a one-line description of the program/series
  8. Synopsis — a concise description of the program/series
  9. Treatment — includes the background, key issues, key characters and access to those characters, the way the story will be told, and the style and tone
  10. Supplementary assets such as a sizzle, trailer, screener, feature images, etc.
  11. CVs of the creative team
  12. Full contact information
  13. Any specific license requirements

Where to Send your Proposal

Proposals must be sent to

Requirements Should your Project Be Accepted and Produced

  1. CRTC Canadian content certification
  2. Closed Captioning SCC file
  3. Described video

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