TikTok challenge in Courtenay goes wrong as homeowner fights back


The video surveillance recorded Sunday at a home in Courtenay is disturbing and tells the tale of a couple who say they’d had enough.

It happened at a home on Crown Isle Drive in the golf resort community of Crown Isle.

The couple involved declined to be interviewed on camera but told CHEK News Friday the harassment began four years ago.

They believe it’s a TikTok challenge where someone will go to the door of a home, kick it hard several times and then run away as another person records it on video.

However, Owen and Laura May have also been recording them and this time had placed a string of fishing line across the front door.

It can be seen tripping up the young person doing the kicking before the female homeowner races out and tackles the suspect.

“Well, I thought that was one heck of a tackle. But I can’t blame the homeowners one bit for going out and trying to put an end to this,” said Crown Isle resident Brian McKay.

McKay also runs an informal community watch group and has shared the video with more than 100 Crown Isle residents on an email list.

He says the majority of people responded with shock and support for the May’s actions.

The video shared with CHEK News ends just nine seconds in — moments before the young man pulled the female homeowner’s shirt off.

Owen May said he followed his wife onto the porch to help her before another young person came to help the first suspect.

They both allegedly hit the man and woman with flashlights as they dragged them across the concrete driveway.

Numerous other people in the area have had their doors kicked at night as well.

“Repetitively, probably at least two, three, four times a week and weekends were always worse,” said one woman who did not want her name used.

“I don’t know, why would you do it in the first place you know? And it wasn’t just knocking the door, they were giving a good hoof with their boot,” said George Macfarland who lives nearby.

“I thought good on her. I thought she was courageous. I mean she was doing what all of us would have liked to have been able to do, but we’re seniors,” said another couple walking down Crown Isle Drive Friday.

Many of the residents CHEK News spoke with Friday say their concerns about the door kicking haven’t been taken seriously by police for years.

CHEK News tried numerous times to speak with the Comox Valley RCMP Friday but received no response, however Owen May shared an email with CHEK News from the department.

“The RCMP is required to complete a thorough and unbiased investigation which includes looking at all possible offences that may have occurred,” said Const. Skye Groves in the statement.

“This is a normal and required part of the investigation process. Behaviour on both sides has to be analyzed to ensure it is lawful in the circumstances. At this time of review, there are no charges laid on either side.”

The twist in the story is that police are contemplating charges against the 16-year-old suspects, but also the Mays for setting that fishing line, or specifically under the criminal code, ‘setting a trap likely to cause bodily harm.’

That’s not sitting well with neighbours.

“If you can’t protect your own property, if a man can’t protect his own wife, where do we stand in this world,” asked one neighbour.

May told CHEK News he put up with the harassment for years with no action from police, adding he travels the world and a conviction against him could make that difficult or impossible.

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