3 Victoria hotels on short-list for BC Hotel association awards

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Three hotels in B.C.’s capital are on the list of the the BC Hotel Association (BCHA) Awards of Excellence this year.

The Magnolia Hotel, Oswego Hotel and Huntingdon Manor Hotel & Pendray Inn Tea House are among the finalists in several categories of the awards.

There are seven awards categories, and the Magnolia Hotel has been nominated for three of them.

It’s among the top three finalists in the Housekeeping Award category, the Hotelier of the Year category, and the coveted Accommodation of the Year category.

According to the BCHA, the accommodation of the year goes to a hotel that is leading in the sector, with a finalist proving they have a “commitment to excellence in all areas of operations including an overwhelming dedication to upholding the highest levels of customer service and employee satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, the Oswego Hotel is among the finalists for the Hotelier of the Year and Leader of the Future awards.

Sarah Webb, general manager of the Oswego Hotel, is one of four finalists for hotelier of the year.

“This individual category recognizes the significant accomplishments and examples of professionalism, leadership, and excellence by hoteliers in B.C.,” reads the BCHA website.

Finalists are selected not only for their positive impact on customers, but also for their fostering of a healthy work environment, and community as a whole.

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Meanwhile, Dawson Leduc, operations manager at the Oswego Hotel, is one of four finalists for the Leader of The Future award.

“This award recognizes an individual that has embraced the opportunity to think outside the box and develop an innovative project, initiative, service experience or campaign that pushes the limits of how the tourism and hospitality sectors have traditionally operated,” says the BCHA.

Lastly, the Huntingdon Manor Hotel & Pendray Inn Tea House is one of just three finalists for the Sustainability Champion award.

Finalists in this category have demonstrated an “exceptional dedication to sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint, and promoting eco-friendly practices,” according to the hotel association.

Winners of the BCHA awards will be announced at an industry summit in Whistler on May 2.

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