Victoria theatre opens online performances with Beatles tribute

Victoria theatre opens online performances with Beatles tribute
The Blue Bridge Theatre opened with Spring Beatles online this week.

It’s been a quiet year for the Blue Bridge Theatre in Victoria.

The theatre company hasn’t had many live performances since the end of 2020. However, its first performance series of the year began this week online with the Spring Beatles show.

The performance, running from April 27 to May 2, is being presented online because of COVID-19 requirements. Some of the band members said that while being able to perform live online is a great opportunity, it doesn’t give the same interaction as an in-person show.

“The biggest difference is that real time sense of appreciation and feedback that you get from the live audience,” said Chris Frye, guitarist for the Spring Beatles show.

“Without that live real time feedback you just do your best to imagine that those people are there and imagine people at home enjoying watching you.”

Blue Bridge Theatre say being able to perform during this time feels amazing, however, they are also finding it scary.

“I think everybody is worried about safety, and we’re being hypersensitive about sanitization and all the health things that are recommended,” said Rebekah Johnson, Manager of the Blue Bridge Theatre. “At the back of our minds there’s always that thing of we are in the middle of a pandemic.”

The performances are being broadcast over YouTube, which Johnson said can allow for more people to watch the performance. To bring viewers closer, Frye said Blue Bridge Theatre has created a theatre-like set for the performance.

He also said that even though there’s the lack of engagement from the audience, being able to play live in a group is a great opportunity during the pandemic.

“It’s hugely enjoyable. This project and this group is just a blast to be involved with,” said Frye. “I think having experienced plenty of watching of music at home even on the old time TV specials where you’d have someone hosting musicians or concerts, I just put myself in the shoes of people at home.”

Johnson said that the performance wasn’t a part of their regular season, but the music turned out to be timely.

“But in the end the artistry of the Beatles and the messages in some of their lyrics, it has proved to be really timely and a really hopeful and uplifting thing for us to do,” said Johnson.

Frye said the feedback after the first show was positive. As to why they decided to play the Beatles, he says, ‘why not?’

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