Yellow Cab of Victoria scraps Taxi Saver coupon program

Yellow Cab of Victoria scraps Taxi Saver coupon program
Photo: Yellow Cab of Victoria

Forget your Taxi Saver coupons when hailing a Yellow Cab in Victoria.

As of Jan. 1, the local taxi service is no longer accepting the vouchers that provide a 50 per cent subsidy toward the cost of rides for permanently registered handyDART riders.

“We are aware that Yellow Cab in Victoria has told BC Transit they will no longer be accepting Taxi Saver coupons,” B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure told CHEK News in an emailed statement.

When handyDART, an accessible door-to-door shared transit service, cannot accommodate someone’s travel needs, customers can use the vouchers and save on one-time taxi trips, according to BC Transit.

The ministry says the Taxi Bill of Rights was developed in 2007 to address taxi service in Metro Vancouver, where it’s still mandatory that cab companies accept the vouchers. 

“While taxi companies elsewhere in British Columbia may adopt a Voluntary Taxi Bill of Rights when they register it with the Passenger Transportation Board, they are not required to do so,” the ministry said.

“We hope that continued communication with BC Transit and Yellow Cab of Victoria will resolve this issue.”

The taxi service did not respond to CHEK’s request for comment.

Calling the vouchers “an important service for clients,” the ministry notes several other local taxi companies, including Bluebird Cabs, Sidney Taxi, Victoria Taxi, West Shore Taxi and Westwind Taxi, still participate in the program.


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