World Elephant Day works to ban ivory trade in Canada

WatchWorld Elephant day founded from right here in Victoria works to ban ivory trade in Canada

World Elephant Day is being celebrated across the globe today for its 8th annual year.

This year’s focus has been put right on Canada to ban ivory trade.

Around 20-thousand elephants are killed every year for their tusks and in Canada ivory can still be found in antique shops, at auction houses, and in Chinatowns.

“There’s absolutely no reason why we don’t have legislation in place to protect elephants I mean Canada is only one of four countries left on the planet that doesn’t have this legislation,” said founder Patricia Sims.

The campaign works with a group of organizations including  Elephanatics, The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, Humane Society International-Canada and the Toronto-based Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.

This year, a petition calling on government action to ban all domestic trade of elephant ivory in Canada has already received 450,000 signatures with a goal of 500,000.

The petition is not just to end the trade of ivory but make the import, export and re-export of all elephant ivory illegal in our Country.

To support the cause a U.K. band ironically named the Elephant Sessions released a song called Tyagarah to bring awareness and also donate 100-percent of the gross profits from the song to the cause.

World Elephant Day is recognized by nearly 100-wildlife organizations and millions of participant in 50 countries around the world.

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