West and south Island back under smoky sky advisory

West and south Island back under smoky sky advisory

Smoky skies are expected back on the south and west sides of Vancouver Island.

The smoky skies bulletin has been extended to again include the south, west, and inland of Vancouver Island as smoke from the wildfires burning across the province is expected to settle in once again.

An advisory is issued when the pollutant concentration approaches or exceeds certain limits, and the government of B.C. is warning the public that exposure to wildfire smoke may affect your health.


Smoky skies bulletin includes the areas in grey as of August 17, 2018

People with pre-existing health conditions, the elderly, infants, and children are more likely to experience health effects from smoke exposure.

If breathing does become difficult, stop or reduce your activity level or see a doctor if it’s prolonged.

To alleviate symptoms or to avoid smoke exposure, experts suggest to head to a mall or library with filtered indoor air and to run forced air at home and in your cars.

The next bulletin update will be expected tomorrow.


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