Wear 2 Start: Changing women’s lives, one wardrobe at a time

Wear 2 Start: Changing women's lives, one wardrobe at a time
WatchWear 2 Start is a non-profit offering women facing barriers in life a chance at a fresh start, providing clothing, shoes and more. Veronica Cooper reports.

Please note: Wear 2 Start is not accepting clothing donations during the pandemic, but cash donations are gratefully received.

Founded in 2001, Wear 2 Start is a volunteer driven non-profit that provides clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and even haircuts for women feeling beaten down in life.

Women are referred to the social service organization and employment program in the Greater Victoria area

“So, for example, if they’re staying at the Transition House shelter, maybe they’re needing to go to court, maybe they’re needing to see a potential landlord about where they’re going to live next,” said program manager Tracy Lubick. “We’re just here to provide that support that will instill confidence, so that they can take those next steps.”

Verity Rose Hamilton was referred to Wear 2 Start after she completed the empowering Bridges for Women program.

“Wear 2 Start really helped me to find that confidence that women of abuse are often so lacking, and feeling like I’m capable and worthy of having that kind of experience and opportunity for a new life that I deserve,” she said.

Verity believes in the organization so much she’s now a volunteer at Wear 2 Start.

“When COVID happened, I happened to check on the Volunteer Victoria website, and there was an opening, and I immediately emailed, and here I am.”

Not only is Verity a passionate volunteer, but she also recognizes that she could be a role model for other women who are referred to Wear 2 Start.

“It’s an opportunity to be an example to the women who come in here, you know, having been from trauma myself, I can be that shining example of, ‘if I can do it, you can do it too,'” she said.

“It’s very real. It’s tangible, you know?”

Veronica Cooper brings you the full story in this week’s Vital People feature.

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