Victoria MP ‘mocked’ by Australian TV host for comments on climate change

Victoria MP 'mocked' by Australian TV host for comments on climate change
Victoria MP Laurel Collins speaks on Feb. 28, 2024.

Laurel Collins’ reaction to someone referring to an environmental policy as “climate hysteria” has made headlines in Australia, where Sky News says its commentator “mocked” the Victoria MP.

“Sky News host mocks Canadian MP getting emotional over ‘climate emergency,'” reads the headline on the news channel’s website, which included a video of Collins tearing up while speaking in the House of Commons last month.

“I hope you’ll forgive me if I get emotional,” said Collins.

“Climate emergencies are not gender-neutral. The degradation of ecosystems disproportionality impacts women and girls. And I am wildly emotional, this is the existential crisis of our time,” the MP said in the video, which she posted on X.

Sky News then aired Collins’ video on June 2 and added commentary.

“Oh my goodness. Climate change isn’t just going to kill us all, it’s also sexist and misogynist,” said Sky News’ host Rita Panahi.

“I knew it.”

Collins continued, “To hear that asking for high ambition is climate hysteria, that makes me wildly emotional, absolutely.”

“When I think about my womb, the two children that I bore from that womb, and what future we are leaving them, I am wildly emotional.”

Collins, the NDP Critic for the Environment and Climate Change, says the Conservatives “brought a witness to committee who referred to ambitious environmental policy as ‘climate hysteria,'” prompting her response.

She continued in the video, “I think that we need to think about the intersection of gender and the climate crisis,” adding, “I hope that the people around this table and the people listening will refrain from using language like climate hysteria.”

“We are facing a climate emergency.”

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Collins tells CHEK News that while she hasn’t watched it, she’s not surprised by the feedback she received from the Sky News commentator.

“I mean there’s two things,” she said.

“One is that if right-wing trolls and extreme-right media aren’t attacking you when you’re doing this kind of work, potentially, maybe you’re not doing your job, you know? If the folks who don’t believe that climate change is real and that we’re facing a crisis aren’t upset.”

Collins, who was elected to represent the riding of Victoria in the House of Commons of Canada in the 2019 Canadian federal election, says more work needs to be done to inform people about the science behind climate change.

“Unfortunately, these kinds of commentators…so much information and doubt about the consensus that we are facing a climate emergency,” she told CHEK News.

She adds that it’s okay to get emotional.

“And it’s not surprising that people, including myself, feel emotion when they think about what the future holds for our children and grandchildren,” she said.

“I think we need more emotion in politics…I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and support knowing that people feel the same way.”

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