Victoria Council moves forward with $250,000 Johnson Street Bridge art

Victoria Council moves forward with $250,000 Johnson Street Bridge art

Dozens of people packed Victoria City Hall this morning, as Councillors voted to move forward with the concept for a public art installation in front of the new Johnson Street Bridge.

The piece, called ‘Transient Resident,’ would be installed in the triangular median across from to the Janion Building.

While all art is subjective, the $250,000 price tag has left many bewildered.

“The $250,000 for public art was always part of the Johnson Street Bridge budget,” explained City of Victoria’s Assistant Director of Planning Andrea Hudson.

“We’re not just plopping a piece of art down at the last minute into these spaces. This has really informed the design of this ‘Triangle Island’ which otherwise would have just been a leftover piece of land.”

The piece was designed by City of Victoria’s Artist-in-Residence Luke Ramsey and Indigenous Artist-in-Residence Lindsay Delaronde.

The abstract piece features 11 angled paddle boards that represent an orca.

“It’s a piece that you can not only look at, but you can look through,” Ramsey explained. “You can also move around with the piece and it moves with you.”

There is also an audio component created by Delaronde.

“The unity of the drum bring in elements that unite us all together,” said Delaronde. “I thought the audio piece was a real relevant component to the sculpture.”

City Council will meet again to decide on the other concepts for the public areas surrounding the structure.

Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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