VIBE: Victoria ‘Artcade’ where vintage meets modern in interactive wonderland

VIBE: Victoria ‘Artcade’ where vintage meets modern in interactive wonderland

On Fort Street in Victoria, the old jewelry store, Old and Gold, has been transformed into a dynamic arcade. The new attraction, called Artcade, features a bizarre entry process involving a “decontamination chamber,” hinting at the possible weirdness inside.

Once in, visitors are greeted by a vibrant world of lights and sounds. Artcade houses an interactive art gallery with 13 unique sculptures, each inviting visitors to engage by pressing buttons, turning knobs, and making their own music.

The masterminds behind this innovative space are Scott Amos and David Parfit. Scott, a long time collector of vintage items like old radios and pump organs, has partnered with David, a computer science expert. Together, they have repurposed these antiques with modern technology, creating interactive art pieces. Scott handles the construction and wiring, while David programs the interactive elements and composes the accompanying music.

David explains that every interaction with the installations changes the music, turning visitors into performers. This collaborative experience enhances the fun, as visitors engage not only with the art but also with each other.

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Scott and David’s creations have gained recognition far beyond the local scene, featuring in festivals and events across North America, from San Francisco to Toronto. Their innovative work includes the musical handrails at the Yates Street parkade, transforming it into a five-story musical instrument.

Visitors may enter Artcade curious, but they leave excited and happy. For those seeking a unique and engaging experience, Artcade on Fort Street offers a creative playground that promises fun and interaction, making it a must-visit destination.

Find out more info at the Monkey C Interactive website.

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