VIBE: Graffiti Jam transforms Esquimalt’s E&N Rail Trail

VIBE: Graffiti Jam transforms Esquimalt's E&N Rail Trail

Graffiti has evolved from its underground, illegal roots into a celebrated art form. This transformation is on full display in Esquimalt, where the Trackside Paint Jam went down last Saturday.

Held along the E&N Rail Trail, the event boasts Canada’s largest legal graffiti wall at 7,500 square feet. Since its inception in 2020, the paint jam has become a local staple, showcasing the talents of 60 artists from across Canada.

Every year, organizers and volunteers repaint the wall black, offering a fresh canvas for new creations. This not only sparks creativity but also strengthens community bonds.

Artists of all levels, from seasoned pros to newcomers, find mentorship and camaraderie in this dynamic scene.

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The Trackside Paint Jam is more than just an art event; it’s a fusion of creativity and collaboration.

While many pieces are carefully planned, some artists prefer to freestyle, adding an element of spontaneity.

Despite its popularity, the event faces financial hurdles, with costs for paint supplies and insurance always looming.

Organizers are aiming for more funding to compensate artists and expand the event, creating more space for young talent.

The Trackside Paint Jam has crafted a unique space where art and community collide. Situated between Heward Road and Fairview Road in Esquimalt, the gallery is open to the public 24/7.

  • WHAT: Trackside Gallery
  • WHEN: Open 24/7
  • WHERE: Along the E&N Rail Trail, between Hewat Road and Fairview Road, Esquimalt
  • PRICE: Always free
  • HIGHLIGHTS: See the works of 60 graffiti artists
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