VIBE: Award-winning tintype photography comes to Metchosin art gallery

VIBE: Award-winning tintype photography comes to Metchosin art gallery

Every day, 3.4 billion photographs are taken worldwide, with 90 million being selfies. Yet, how many of these photos are truly cherished?

Ken Minor uses his photographic skills and his 120-year-old camera to dive deep into the age-old format of tintype photography.

This process, invented in 1851, involves pouring collodion onto a plate, either glass or metal, which is then soaked in a silver nitrate bath to create a light-sensitive surface. The plate is exposed while wet and developed immediately after in a darkroom, or in Minor’s case, his converted van. This slow, deliberate, and meditative method allows for a deeper connection to the subject and place.

Minor’s results are stunning, including award-winning portraits and landscapes. Some of his most meaningful work includes “Three Faces of Grief,” a personal and intimate photograph. This weekend, Minor takes his craft to the masses at the Metchosin ArtPod Gallery show, “Pieces of Me: A Story of Self,” where visitors can take their own tintype selfies.

The focus is set for them, and within the frame’s parameters, they can pose how they want and control when they fire the shot. It’s a unique experience, capturing a moment in a tangible form that will last for generations.

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Event Details

  • Event: Pieces of Me: A Story of Self
  • Tintype Selfies Workshop: June 16, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Location: Metchosin ArtPod, 4495 Happy Valley Rd., Metchosin

For more information about Ken Minor and his work, visit his website.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a unique, timeless selfie at the Metchosin Art Pod.

Ken Minor’s “Three Faces of Grief” photo is pictured at the Metchosin ArtPod Gallery. (CHEK News)

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