WINNIPEG — The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an appeal filed by a former Winnipeg firefighter who was convicted of stealing from a dead woman’s apartment.

Darren Fedyck was found guilty in 2017 of theft under $5,000 and sentenced to six months in jail.

At his trial, court heard that his crew was called to a woman’s apartment in 2015 and his colleagues became suspicious of his behaviour.

A search of his jacket found cash along with two necklaces that he claimed were his.

The trial judge acknowledged the case was built on circumstantial evidence, but added the only rational explanation was that Fedyck took the money and jewelry.

The Manitoba Court of Appeal upheld the conviction last year, but one dissenting judge wrote that Fedyck’s explanation that the cash and jewellery were his was reasonable.

Details of the high court’s decision Tuesday were not immediately available.


The Canadian Press

The Canadian Press