Summer heatwave hits the Island in time for Rock the Shores

Summer heatwave hits the Island in time for Rock the Shores

WATCH: A province-wide heat wave that has temperatures skyrocketing. Today was the hottest we’ve seen so far this summer, and while it’s good news for sun lovers, it can also be hazardous. Kori Sidaway reports.

Summer is here, and so is the heat. Today hit a high of 30 degrees in Victoria, and the heat had first responders at Rock the Shores on their toes.

“Yesterday there were a number of heat-related incidents,” said paramedic Ross Nicholls.

It’s part of a province-wide heatwave, with above average heat even here on the Island.

“We haven’t issued a heat warning for Victoria, but definitely the temperatures are above normal and it’s not reaching the criteria of a heat warning, but definitely temperatures are warmer than normal,” said Environment Canada’s Louis Kohanyi.

It’s been so hot that one festival DJ had part of his equipment melt as he was performing live.

“The sun is directly over me on the turntables, so this record was spinning on the platter and you start noticing it get warbly, and the sound kinda went off a bit. So yea, it melted,” said festival DJ Bryan Capistrano.

For Bryan, the melted record stands as a stark reminder of the sun’s power. He’s since zap-strapped umbrellas together on stage to stop the beating sun, and music seekers are finding equally creative ways to stay out of the sun.

“The heat is insane. The misters are a godsend,” said one festival-goer.

Giant fans, misters, and water stations were put to good use. But, first responders are still urging to pay attention beyond this weekend.

“Hydrate, hydrate, and sunscreen and think about resting in the shade,” said Nicholls.

It’s something the festival takes seriously.

“We’ve taken feedback from people in previous years that often we’ve found lineups for the water refill stations were too long, so we’ve brought in extra water stations,” said Atomique Productions marketing coordinator Alex Kerr.

With the heat is also coming a UV level, and people were slapping on the sunscreen.

“Smells great, kinda want to eat it!” said one Rock the Shores attendee.

Miiko, a locally made, natural sunscreen was available to festival goers to keep their skin safe while they took in the bands.

Temperatures look like they will drop slightly midweek, but the hot heat will make a return on the weekend and is likely to stay for the rest of the month.


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