Controversial street preacher draws large crowd of protesters in downtown Victoria

Controversial street preacher draws large crowd of protesters in downtown Victoria

A large crowd showed up in downtown Victoria and protested against a controversial Toronto preacher.

David Lynn and members of his group called the Christian Forgiveness Ministries launched, what they say is a cross-Canada tour, Saturday evening in downtown Victoria.

Christian Forgiveness Ministries, according to its website, is a non-denominational Christian ministry that aims to “impact the world through radical evangelism, church planting, and discipleship.”

However, the controversial pastor has made headlines in Toronto, for his views mainly towards the LGBTQ community. Lynn and Christian Forgiveness Ministries followers have street preached in Toronto’s LGBTQ neighbourhood.

In a lengthy video uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, Lynn could be seen walking around downtown Victoria. His presence quickly drew protestors, which only grew in numbers throughout the video.

“This city needs to repent its sins,” Lynn can be heard saying in the video.

“You need to learn from your sins. This is a warning . . . all who are living contrary to the word of God will be thurst into the lake of fire,” he later said.

Quickly into the video Lynn is met by protestors, which only grows in size as the video continues, and members of the Victoria Police Department.

“We preach love,” Lynn can be heard saying as one protester confronts him and calls him a “piece of trash.”

Throughout the video, protestors can be heard loudly chanting “no homophobia” while Lynn repeatedly tells them he isn’t talking to them.

“I said many times, I am not talking to any person that doesn’t want to hear my message, that doesn’t want to hear my God. If you think my God is a fairy tale, my book is fake, my interpretation is wrong, well then, I am not talking to you,” he said.

Lynn, however, later called the crowd a “bunch of hateful bigots” and told them they are the ones who “cause Christians to get arrested.”

One person criticized Lynn, calling him “disgusting” for “trying to put down other people of colour, who happen to be gay.”

Eventually, Lynn and some of his followers got into a taxi and left downtown Victoria.

At the end of the video, Lynn, while inside the cab, said he wasn’t to preach to the crowd and complained that he “couldn’t even get into a car” without them following him.

“This is how ugly this world has become,” he said.

Lynn held a brief sermon at Gonzales Beach Sunday afternoon and plans to continue his Canada tour in Vancouver on Sunday night.


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