The Site C Dam mega-project features in NDP and Liberal campaigns

The Site C Dam mega-project features in NDP and Liberal campaigns

Christy Clark used the Site C Dam mega-project in northern British Columbia as a backdrop Tuesday to campaign on the Liberal party’s record on jobs and economic growth.

Clark spoke in Fort St. John, saying the B-C Hydro project under construction on the Peace River — the largest infrastructure project in BC — will mean clean energy and employment for the province.

“If we get elected this project will go ahead,” says Clark, “the opposition each have a plan. Under the NDP, Site C would be dead. Under the Greens it would be ‘dead-er’. If we want to keep this project alive for our kids and keep these 10,000 jobs coming for people in the province, we want to make sure we elect a BC Liberal government on May 9.”

Meantime, NDP Leader John Horgan was on the lower mainland promoting his jobs plan at a trades training facility in North Delta. With a focus on improving training for BC workers, he says the Site C project should not proceed without BC Utilities Commission approval.

“Christy Clark made a choice to ram this project through without independent oversight, according to Horgan, “the only people who have said this is a good idea are the Liberals, and in the process they’ve shut out British Columbians and created employment opportunities for people right across the country and in fact around the world”.

Andrew Weaver released the Green Party’s health platform today in Victoria. Highlights include creating a ministry to promote wellness and prioritizing prevention and primary care.

With new poll numbers predicting the Greens will win enough seats to earn official party status, Weaver says he’s not concerned about splitting the vote. 

“That’s fear based voting,” says Weaver, “what we offer BC-ers, is a real vision. A vision of hope that’s grounded in evidence that allows us to give something to people to vote for, instead of against.”

The provincial election is three weeks away.



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