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To Tell The Truth: Sunday at 10pm
To Tell the Truth, hosted by Anthony Anderson, is an anarchic and funny re-imagination of the beloved game show of the same name.

One of the greatest game shows of all time has been re-invented for the 21st century. It’s bigger…better…and more insane… The rules are simple: A panel of quick-witted celebrities question three guests, all of whom claim to have the same extraordinary secret. The celebrity sleuths must figure out who’s lying…and who’s telling the truth. The people they meet will be impressive, strange and at times incredibly brave, especially when it comes to the prove out round which closes every show. Add to this crazy mix a larger-than-life comedic host guaranteed to see the funny side in every question and answer, and To Tell the Truth becomes hugely entertaining and utterly unpredictable. In a final twist, the celebrity who’s been fooled the most must watch and cringe as the host tweets a humiliating but hilarious lie to the world…one that can’t be denied for 24 hours.

This time-tested, truth-seeking game show promises laughs alongside deception, as well as mind-blowing new twists.