Road to Recovery: The circular economy


In this week’s segment of Road to Recovery with Douglas Magazine, CHEK’s Hannah Lepine chats with Georgia Lavender, the director of operations with Synergy Foundation.

In the current economy, we take materials from the earth, make products out of them and then usually end up throwing them away as waste. In a circular economy, waste is avoided by keeping materials and products in circulation for as long as possible.

Billions of tons of man-made or grown objects enter the global economy every year. Only 8.6 per cent is recycled and used again – meaning that over 91 per cent of all goods are headed for landfills, oceans, or pollution.

Project Zero, a Synergy Foundation initiative, is working to change these numbers and increase circularity to reduce our dependency and current consumption rates.

In this segment, Lavender talks about how circular economies build both economic growth and help save our planet.

Road to Recovery is produced in partnership with Douglas Magazine.

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Hannah Lepine

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