Meet the woman behind The Q!’s Help the Homeless

Meet the woman behind The Q!’s Help the Homeless

WATCH: Meet Valerie Williams, the woman who spearheaded “Help the Homeless.” The campaign donated a record $19K this year. Isabelle Raghem reports. 

Clothing, food, cash and cheques; the donations poured in for The Q’s Help the Homeless campaign Wednesday.

“We do it every year but it’s different every year. We see different people some that come year after year, some younger people,” said morning host Ed Bain.

Mountains of clothing and food were collected and $19,000 in cash and cheques we donated to the campaign. It’s the largest monetary collection since the campaign began 30 years ago.

Behind it is a woman with a dream.

“If everyone took more of an ‘I can shed some light’, it would make a better place,” said Valerie Williams.

Williams began to help the homeless 33 years on a much smaller scale on her sister’s kitchen table.

The charity skyrocketed when The Q partnered with her 29-years ago.

“We went from 100 bags to 200 bags overnight and we’ve made thousands of bags now,” added Williams.

About 100 backpacks are loaded with snacks, gloves, toilet paper and other necessities.

“They’re now warm, full and have money, they’re  really no different than me and you so it really does help them feel good about who they are today.”

It’s a labour of love that grows in donations year after year.

Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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