Provincewide campfire ban coming into effect July 12

Provincewide campfire ban coming into effect July 12
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As the wildfire risk across the province rises, BC Wildfire Service says it is bringing in a provincewide campfire ban on July 12 at noon.

Currently, category 2 and 3 fires are banned across the province, but there is no ban on category 1 fires, which are campfires.

As recently as July 6, there was still large parts of the province that were still rated as a moderate fire risk, with only a few pockets of extreme.

However, that changed on Tuesday, with most of the province now being rated at a high fire danger rating.

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“Campfire prohibitions are being enacted to help prevent human-caused wildfires and to protect public safety,” BC Wildfire Service said in a tweet.

The BC Wildfire Service says a number of factors go into whether or not to implement a campfire ban.

“A lot of things are taken into consideration when we’re looking at putting on a prohibition,” said Alan Berry, senior wildfire prevention officer in a Youtube video posted Jun 7, 2023.

“Where we’re at in the fire season, the resources available to help respond to fires if they do occur, and we look at where we’re at as far as the indices are, the Build Up Index, specifically, and then we have a threshold level so when those stations are above a certain threshold level and we see that the forecast is trending to be hotter and drier for a prolonged period we implement a prohibition.”

In B.C., there are currently 100 active wildfires, 25 of which are out of control and six are being held. Three-hundred-nine additional fires have been extinguished.

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