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January 8, 2018


Victoria – After 30 years of being the face and voice of CHEK television and adding a smile to everyone’s face, Gordie Tupper is set to retire on January 31, 2018.

Gordie, a native Victorian, was working as a radio DJ for CKDA in Victoria when he was first asked to do voice-over work for CHEK in the late 80s. Soon after, he became the voice of the station. He helped create and hosted CHEK Around, which continues to this day. He also hosted Go! Magazine, Island 30 (Gordie on the Go), countless parades and CHEK Charity Drive Thru(s), and contributed to CHEK News doing weather and reporting.

“My job was to offer positive, happy, local stories to put our world back into perspective after the sometimes grim reality of the day’s news. It probably sounds rather trite, but nonetheless, I considered it a great privilege to be able to connect with our community everyday and hopefully add a smile to everyone’s face.” says Gordie.

Roy McKenzie, President and CEO of CHEK says, “We are grateful for the passion and energy Gordie brought to the station. He’s been an integral part of CHEK and a fixture in the community for over 30 years. He will be sadly missed.”

Aside from emceeing dozens of charity events a year, Gordie has been involved in coaching soccer, baseball, rowing and more. His love of the community and television has always shone through.

“I love TV. I’m a child of TV. My family bought their first TV set in 1956 here in Victoria, coincidentally the same year the local station Channel 6, signed on. It’s also a rather strange but true story, that I appeared on the station its first day on the air with other members of the public. I was eight. Well I’m not eight anymore, but I have always loved being on TV. I guess it’s because I’m always learning something and I enjoy meeting people in the community. That’s very important to me.”

“I’m looking forward to spending holidays in Maui and more time with my grandkids. But the closer it gets…the more I realize how much I’ll miss it,” says Gordie. “I’ve made an incredible number of friends, doing over 20,000 interviews over the decades. I think I’ll miss the camaraderie and the friendships the most.”

Don’t miss CHEK Around: The Gordie Tupper Special, a retrospective on Gordie’s illustrious career, airing Saturday January 27 at 6:00PM on CHEK.


About CHEK
A true success story – CHEK is an employee owned local Vancouver Island company, CHEK Media Group. Established in 1956, CHEK is western Canada’s oldest private broadcaster and CHEK News remains the number one newscast on Vancouver Island.

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September 15, 2015


Vancouver Island – CHEK News is pleased to announce award-winning, veteran broadcast journalist Ben O’Hara-Byrne will join Canada’s only employee-owned TV station as the anchor and producer of a new six p.m. newscast, launching October 5th.

We’re proud to have someone of Ben’s caliber join the CHEK News team,” said Rob Germain, News Director and Digital Manager, CHEK News. “Vancouver Island residents have a keen interest in local news but also want to know how national and international events affect them. Ben is uniquely qualified to deliver a first-hand perspective.”

O`Hara-Byrne brings over 15 years of international journalism experience to Vancouver Island. A journalism graduate from Concordia University, who also has an undergraduate degree in political science, O’Hara-Byrne has covered politics and foreign affairs for two Canadian national TV networks. As Bureau Chief in London, he travelled throughout Europe providing extensive coverage on international events such as the 2012 London Olympics, the resignation of Pope Benedict, the terrorist attacks in Paris in January, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

As a reporter based in China, O’Hara-Byrne covered major stories throughout Asia and the wider region. He reported from Beijing, Afghanistan, Libya, North Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and Russia.

In response to continued interest from Island viewers in local news, CHEK News is launching a new, locally produced newscast, CHEK News at 6. The program will showcase the day`s significant news and be in addition to the Island’s most watched newscast, CHEK News at 5. O’Hara-Byrne will also anchor the station’s late newscast, CHEK News at 10.

I am looking forward to returning home to Canada and I am particularly excited to be joining the great team at CHEK,” he said, “the station’s recent history is testament to their dedication and deep commitment to providing the very best in local coverage to their viewers.”

O’Hara-Byrne began his career in Montreal and Toronto as a local reporter. He covered Parliament Hill in Ottawa for several years before moving to international reporting as a network bureau chief.

O`Hara-Byrne is the winner of several journalism awards including the Radio Television Digital News Association Network Spot News award; the Edward R. Murrow award and a Gemini nomination for best reporting for coverage on the Dawson College shootings in Montreal.


A true success story – CHEK became an independent, employee-owned company in 2009.  Based in the provincial capital, CHEK was BC’s first commercial television station. It will soon enter its 60th year in broadcasting.CHEK News is also available livestreaming and on-demand at Download the CHEK App!

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Older Releases

June 17, 2015


CHEK News Director, Rob Germain, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stacy Ross as the anchor and producer of its flagship news program, CHEK News at 5.

Ross is an accomplished journalist. For fifteen years Ross has reported on a wide variety of stories from local sports to politics. As an anchor, Ross has produced and hosted Island 30 Magazine, CHEK News at Noon, CHEK News at 10 pm and been the back up anchor for CHEK News at 5.

As a locally-owned station we wanted someone in the role who understands the issues important to our community. Stacy knows Vancouver Island. She grew up here and is raising her family here. Stacy shares a unique perspective with our viewers. It is a natural transition for her to take over the role of producer and anchor of the evening newscasts,” said Germain.

Ross says, “As one of the original employee-owners I believe wholeheartedly in what CHEK is doing in the community and what we stand for. I’m proud to embrace this new role. It’s great to be part of this creative and talented team making broadcast history.”

It has been a smooth transition for Ross, who has been acting as the evening news anchor and producer, on an interim basis, for several months.


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About CHEK

A true success story – CHEK became an independent employee-owned company in 2009. CHEK was BC’s first commercial television station, established in 1956.

CHEK News is Vancouver Island highest rated newscast. CHEK News is also available livestreaming and on-demand at Download the CHEK App!