Port Alberni breaks temperature record from 2010 as heat wave intensifies

Port Alberni breaks temperature record from 2010 as heat wave intensifies

Port Alberni was the hot spot on Vancouver Island Sunday as it broke a temperature record for the day.

The previously hottest July 7 recorded a high temperature of 33.3 degrees in 2010. The Environment Canada website said the temperature at the Port Alberni airport reached a record 35.3°C.

In the blazing sun, the Fun Team, in Sunday baseball league play, was trying to beat their opponents as well as the heat.

“I think we’re doing pretty good. Try and stay in the shade. Keep hydrated,” said Dan Gibson, the team’s pitcher.

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People in Port Alberni know heat but Environment Canada is predicting Port Alberni will hit 36 degrees Tuesday.

“That is actually pretty warm if it’s going to hit that high for sure,” said Gibson.

Weather hobbyist Chris Alemany has been recording weather at his weather station in Port Alberni and posting it online since 2005.

“In the past we would get 30, 31, 32 but getting up into 35, 36, 37 that’s extremely hot so it’s a little more than we’re used to,” said Alemany, creator of alberniweather.ca.

On the Island’s provincial highways there were heat warnings Sunday and Alemany says he’s seen a marked change in the government’s tone about heat waves like this one.

“I think they realized during the heat dome that these heat waves cause significant not just discomfort but death. A lot of people died during the heat dome and anytime you get over that 35 degree into the 40 degree range you know 100 degrees fareinheit that becomes dangerous for people,” said Alemany.

During the 2021 heat dome Port Alberni set multiple high daily temperature records with a top temperature of 42.2 degrees.

Those temperatures can create issues for people, such as those living on the street. At Port Alberni’s supervised drug injection site staff are doing their best to keep an extra eye on the vulnerable.

“It’s not just the heat they’re dealing with down here it’s lots of stuff going on. Under the influence it’s easy to forget about drinking water and lots of times I ask people ‘did you drink water today?’ and like not a drop. It’s not great but we try and do what we can to help,” said David Wilson with the Port Alberni Shelter Society.

The water parks are among the favourite spots to cool off in the city where the warm weather is being welcomed.

“It’s great. Better than the cold weather we were having in June,” said Sabrina Simister, a Port Alberni resident who took her daughter to the Roger Creek waterpark Sunday.

Environment says the heat will lessen Tuesday night but there’s nothing but sun in the seven day forecast.

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