Poll suggests that few Canadians prefer black coffee

Poll suggests that few Canadians prefer black coffee
People seen drinking coffee. (Photo credit: Rodnae Productions/Pexels)

It appears many Canadians don’t drink black coffee.

According to a survey conducted by Research Co. that surveyed 1,000 adults in Canada between May 22 and May 24, only 17 per cent indicated that they drink or prefer black coffee.

The online survey, which showed participants two photos of various shades of coffee and asked them what they usually consume, found that the majority (43 per cent) prefer coffee with larger amounts of milk or creamer while just 18 per cent indicated they drink coffee with either a little bit of milk or creamer.

“Only 13% of Atlantic Canadians usually take their coffee without any creamer,” says Mario Canseco, president of Research Co, said in a press release, adding. “The proportion is higher in Quebec (15%), Ontario (16%), Alberta (17%), British Columbia (21%) and Saskatchewan and Manitoba (22%).”

Meanwhile, only eight per cent of respondents preferred their coffee with significant amounts of milk or creamer, the survey found, while 15 per cent said they don’t drink coffee.

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Black coffee is not popular among Canadians, according to a Research Co. poll. (Pexels photo)











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