Pick-up truck driven into several vehicles and buildings in Nanaimo

Pick-up truck driven into several vehicles and buildings in Nanaimo
A pick-up truck driven into a CIBC branch building at Country Club Centre Mall in Nanaimo.

Nanaimo RCMP says they are investigating a pick-up driver for drug impairment after a bizarre series of crashes at Country Club Centre Mall.

Police say just before 7 p.m. Monday night, a red truck driven by a man in his mid-twenties, slammed into multiple vehicles in the mall parking lot, before reversing into Urban Barn, then drove back into a CIBC branch at the mall.

The driver was taken to hospital with what authorities say are not serious injuries.

He was the only occupant of the vehicle and no one else was hurt.

Country Club Mall Property Manager Dave Mills estimates damages to be in the tens-of-thousands of dollars.

“I’ve seen these things usually once a year,” Mills said.

“I have somebody drive into a building. They’ve slipped their gas pedal or the brake that sort of thing and then this is probably times ten of that.”

“I could just hear this loudest noise, this big, it almost sounded like an explosion it was so loud,” witness Bjorn Samson said.

“Then I could hear tires squealing and then another loud sound and I got closer and then I could see just a truck go from this building over there and just go full-on smack into the CIBC.”

Police continue to investigate.

The mall is located in the 3200-block of North Island Highway.


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