Park user vows to track down Thetis Lake Park litterbug

Park user vows to track down Thetis Lake Park litterbug

WATCH: Some Thetis Lake Park users discovered an unpleasant surprise while on their morning walk. Someone had dumped bags of garbage on a popular walking trail. As Mary Griffin reports, they vow to track down those responsible. 

Strewn among the trees, and bushes on a trail at Thetis Lake Park are pieces of Styrofoam.

Park user Ingrid Kurht is not happy. “And the idea, OK, that some bast*rd is getting away with this,” Kurht said.

While out walking this week, Kurht and her husband discovered large trash bags full of Styrofoam. And not just small pieces.

“We discovered, on the left, and the right side of the trails, a lot of bags of Styrofoam. Some were way down in the ravine,” Kurht said.

“My husband had to go down the hill to fetch them out. And we dragged them to the trailhead, called CRD. And CHEK News.”

The trailhead provides easy access for vehicles at Watkiss Way and Highland Road.

Local resident Katrina Greenfield Hanevelt noticed something odd about a large white delivery truck parked there Tuesday night.

“I noticed something white behind it. Like a large pile of white. That I just thought, that can’t even, I can’t, I saw it but I just couldn’t process it,” Greenfield Hanevelt said.

“Like there is no way that is what I’m seeing. So I kept driving. And I didn’t see the stuff there when I came back about eight.”

Kurht was angry while cleaning up the garbage on Wednesday.

“We think this story is worthwhile. We think that possibly a contractor didn’t want to pay for the removals. So he just had the stuff dumped here.”

Dumping in parks is a growing and expensive problem for the municipality said View Royal Mayor David Screech.  “It’s certainly, easily, in the $15 to $20,000 per year range that we pay. People move and they leave beds on the boulevard, or sofas on the boulevard. And that type of thing. And the amount keeps going up every year. ”

“The litterbugs that dumped all their garbage were not that smart because they’ve left us with some information here on how to track the products. So, I’ll be following up with this,” Kurht said.

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