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Out There: Weekdays at 11:00pm

Go behind-the-scenes of the world of Entertainment Journalism by following the comic story of Melissa DiMarco. She is fixing her life… one celebrity at a time.

OUT THERE WITH MELISSA DIMARCO is an ongoing series that parodies the familiar world of entertainment journalism. Set behind-the-scenes of a fictional television program “Out There”, it follows lead character “Melissa” and her funny life experiences as she struggles to keep her sanity dealing with her family, the rag-tag Out There crew, her (lack of) love life all while interviewing the stars.

As Melissa tries to fix her life with the help of celebrities she interviews, the show features comic appearances and guest-starring turns from hundreds of A-List stars like George Clooney, Elton John, Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, Kermit the Frog, U2, Adam West, and Oprah Winfrey.

Out There with Melissa DiMarco is one of Canada’s longest-running and most successful television programs. Two-time winner of the U.S. International Film and Video Festival’s Outstanding Achievement in Creative Excellence Award and twice-nominated for a Rockie Award, Out There attracts both A-list stars and fans from across Canada and around the world, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the glamorous world of entertainment.