Olympic legacy lives on for Canada 10 years later

Olympic legacy lives on for Canada 10 years later
Watch10 years ago to this day, the 21st Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Vancouver. Now, a decade later, the Vancouver Olympics still evoke pride and inspiration from coast to coast. Kori Sidaway brings us the story.

Ten years ago today the Olympic cauldron ignited for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

The Winter Games united Canada in national spirit and pride, creating a legacy still felt today.

“It’s been incredible to see the sports infrastructure grow, especially in British Columbia. The legacy from the games is quite something,” said 2010 torchbearer and former Olympian Simon Whitfield.

“You’ve seen the support around sport increase since then, whether it be facilities or people that work within the infrastructure to sport. I’m sure now, 10 years later, seeing all those kids that were inspired back in the day, are now climbing podiums and waving flags now, years later.”

Celeste Loganhume was one of the kids back in 2010 most inspired by the games. She looks back to a video shot exactly 10 years ago when she was interviewed by CHEK when she was 11-years-old.

“I wish we could live through that again, that’s for sure,” said Loganhume.

Loganhume says hosting the winter games brought sports into the limelight for the nation.

“I find in Canada, sports are not as upfront as other things, but when the Olympics are here, everyone is rooting for Canada. Everyone is in the spirit, it’s just an overall happy vibe,” said Loganhume.

The Vancouver Olympics may possibly be one of the biggest celebrations for Canada, but some feel that was all it was.

“The Olympics was I guess, a nice party,” said journalist Jesse Donaldson, “I guess it showcased us to the world but really it was just a bit of place marketing the same as Expo was.”

Former Olympian and torchbearer for the 2010 games David Calder said it was much more than a celebration.

“If we look at the consistent of our athletes since the Whistler and Vancouver winter games, you’d be hardpressed not to tell me we don’t have a legacy,” said Calder.

Calder recalls how seeing Olympic athletes in person inspired him to push for his rowing career.

“When I started rowing at 12 or 13 years old, I shared a dock, boat bay, and changeroom with Olympic gold medalists from the Barcelona. How inspiring is that? To sit on a bench beside somebody who had, two months earlier, had been on top of the Olympic podium. That made it so real, and made me believe that I could do that too,” said Calder.

The silver Olympic-medalist says it is not about all about athleticism.

“Sport isn’t about performance only sport is about participation, sport is about teamwork, sport it about perseverance. sport is about goal-setting pushing your limits, and first and foremost impressing upon yourself that you can do more than you believe,” said Calder.

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games set records for the country.  Canadian athletes took home 26 medals – more than any other winter Olympics before.

These defining moments from over a decade ago put a swagger in Canadian steps and instilled hope for the next generations.


Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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