Officials working on locating source of Gorge Creek spill

Officials working on locating source of Gorge Creek spill
Kylie Ferguson
Kylie Ferguson shared this photo of the oil spill leaking into the Gorge Waterway, near Selkirk Trestle, on Jan. 20, 2020.

Crews are continuing to clean up this weekend’s oil spill in Esquimalt’s Gorge Creek, officials confirmed Monday.

There are two outfalls along Craigflower Road where the sheen is present. The outfalls are connected and only one source is anticipated.

Both outfalls are boomed and are being maintained by the Township of Esquimalt.

The source of the spill in the creek, which flows into the Gorge Waterway, has still not been determined. Esquimalt Public Works is working to locate where the spill is originating from. The B.C. Ministry of the Environment has visited the site and is monitoring the work of the Township of Esquimalt.

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Cleanup began Saturday after residents noticed a large slick in the water. Crews from the Township of Esquimalt then placed pontoons in the water to soak up the oil.


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