Non-profit looking for new home after beloved property deemed unsafe


WATCH: The future of a community hub is in limbo after they were forced to abandon their beloved property. Aaron Guillen has the story.

The Centennial United Church is now the temporary home of 1-Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre, an organization dedicated to helping hundreds of one-parent Greater Victoria families.

“They know the kids by name,” says Lisa Dalziel, a member and volunteer for over nine years.

“It’s a really warm place to go. Especially if you’re having struggles.”

Lisa Dalziel, volunteer and single mother, says 1Up has played a big role in her life.

But 1-Up is having its own struggle.

Earlier this year, the organization was forced out of their 134-year-old heritage home. A study showed the building is in danger of collapsing.

Restoring the old house would cost 1Up an estimated $1 million, and with an annual budget of $357,000 that price tag is out of reach. As far as it goes for selling the building, a heritage property can’t be torn down for redevelopment.

And that’s causing strains for the non-profit and its clients.

“It has been really hard,” says Marianne Sorensen, Executive Director at 1Up.

“We’re noticing fewer members coming, and partly I think it’s because of our limited hours. Part [of it] is that you build a community and have a home-like space to make people feel safe and comfortable there.”

Marianne Sorensen, Executive Director at 1UP, says a significant number of users have stopped dropping by the non-profit.

At this point, 1Up has two options. They can apply for the removal of the heritage designation or search for a new place to call home.

They’re looking for a space that won’t be in a gym and will have enough space to collect donations of food, toys, and clothes for families that could use a helping hand.

“It really makes a difference in the rest of your day or week,” says Dalziel cheerfully.

“You come home with a TNA shirt or something popular and their eyes light up.”

For now, 1-Up will continue working out of Centennial Church, looking for a new home as their old one is on the brink of falling apart.

The old heritage building, 603 Gorge Road East, deemed structurally unsafe.

Aaron GuillenAaron Guillen

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