Mother deer kills dog, sends woman to hospital in B.C.

Mother deer kills dog, sends woman to hospital in B.C.
Deer are pictured in this file photo.

Conservation officers are issuing a warning after a mother deer killed a dog and sent a woman to hospital in B.C.’s Interior earlier this week.

The BC Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS) says the attack occurred around 5:30 p.m. Monday in West Kelowna.

A woman was walking her two chihuahuas on leash near the Westgate Mobile Home Park when the doe attacked.

Conservation officers say the deer trampled one of the dogs and injured the woman, before the woman was able to get help and chase the deer away.

The dog that was trampled died of its injuries, according to the BCCOS, while the woman was taken to hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

“Conservation officers responded to the area and determined this was a defensive attack, as the doe was protecting its fawn,” said the BCCOS in a statement Wednesday.

“At this time of year, deer and ungulates are often with their young and are more likely to become aggressive,” said the conservation service.

The BCCOS says it set up signs in the area warning of an aggressive deer in the area, and tried to educate and provide advice to nearby residents.

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If you do spot a deer while on a walk, WildSafeBC recommends that you keep your pets on leash and give the deer a wide berth.

Signs of a deer preparing to charge include laying back its ears and lowering its head.

If a deer does seem like it’s going to attack, avoid eye contact, speak to it softly and slowly back away. Also, try to get behind any solid objects, such as a tree.

If you are attacked, try to stay upright, cover your head with your arms, and get to shelter, according to WildSafeBC.

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