Metchosin family takes advantage of arctic blast with backyard ice rink

Metchosin family takes advantage of arctic blast with backyard ice rink
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Like true Canadians, a Metchosin family has capitalized on the freezing temperatures, creating a personalized backyard ice rink.

While many have hidden away inside as the arctic blast makes its way across B.C.’s Southern Coast, Karl Parker was hard at work putting together the rink for his two sons, Ryland (6) and Bryston (11).

Parker says he has consistently tried to make it happen over the years with mixed success.

“Normally, when we set it up and it’s not cold for very long, it stays melted on the bottom, but this year I put some insulation down and it seems to have kept the ground from warming it up,” Parker said.

After waiting all week for the rink to finally freeze, the Parker boys arose to a pleasant surprise Friday morning.

“I was pretty happy, last year it didn’t freeze so I’m pretty happy that it froze this year,” said Bryston.

“Me and my brother are going to have fun because this is the second time we’ve had this ice rink so it’s pretty fun,” added his younger brother Ryland.

The two boys are avid hockey players who play for the Juan de Fuca Grizzlies, but with COVID-19 cutting into their ice time this year, the backyard practice is just what they needed.

“It’s really fun to come out and have an ice rink to come out and have an ice rink in your backyard,” said Bryston.

With a weekend snowstorm and warmer weather in the forecast over the next week, it’s unclear how much longer the ice will hold up, but Karl isn’t too worried about it.

“We enjoy the warm weather year-round and we brag that we’re plus 8 when everyone is minus 40 but this is nice to have at least for a couple days.”

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