Meet Ladybug: Donations sought for Nanaimo puppy suffering ‘severe’ case of mange

Meet Ladybug: Donations sought for Nanaimo puppy suffering 'severe' case of mange
Five-month-old Ladybug is suffering from a case of mange that's so severe, she's been prescribed five medications and a Cytopoint injection.

The BC SPCA Nanaimo branch is seeking donations from the public to aid in the recovery of a puppy suffering from a “severe” case of mange, a painful skin disease caused by a mite infestation.

Five-month-old German shepherd cross Ladybug is prescribed five medications and a Cytopoint injection to help control her itching, the SPCA says. She’ll also be given medicated baths twice weekly to combat her skin issues.

“Ladybug arrived at the animal centre with severe crusting around her eyes and snout,” Bonnie Pequin, manager of the SPCA’s animal centre in Nanaimo, said in a statement Monday. “She had hair loss on her lower legs and the skin on the inside of her back legs was red.”

According to Pequin, a vet clinic did a skin scraping that confirmed Ladybug not only has Demodex mange but bacteria and yeast on her skin and enlarged lymph nodes.

“Unfortunately, (her) itching is so severe, we had to take her back to the vet for further treatment,” explains Pequin, noting Ladybug remains in an SPCA foster home and also needs to be vaccinated, dewormed and spayed.

Despite hardships, Ladybug is holding her head high. Pequin describes her as a gentle, loving dog that warms the hearts of everyone she meets.

“She is initially very shy and is still reluctant to go on leash walks, but she gives lots of kisses and happy tail-wags,” Pequin added.

“Once she gets outside she loves to play and will do this adorable little ‘bunny-hop’ while galloping and chasing balls around. We are truly wishing the best for our little Ladybug.”

The SPCA says once Ladybug’s skin issues have healed, she’ll be scheduled for spay surgery and, once she recovers, will be available for adoption.

Donations, which will help fund the dog’s surgery, medication, treatment, regular health checks and daily care, are accepted online. If the money raised exceeds the SPCA’s costs, additional funds will provide care for other animals.

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