Local fans react as Croatia defeats England, nabbing a spot in the World Cup final


WATCH: The semi-finals of the World Cup were intense. Croatia and England faced off this morning both deserving and vying for a spot against France in the final. Fans on both sides were at the edge of their seats the entire game and as Luisa Alvarez tells it could have been anybody’s game until the very end.

Both Croatia and England had their local fans behind them with each side dressed head to toe in their team’s colours.

England fans filling the Shark Club in Victoria chanted for their country, who have not made the semi-final since 1990 and haven’t won the world cup since 1966.

“I was born in 1966 so I’m a World Cup baby. It would be nice to see it now,” one England fan said.

Fans from both sides were hoping and praying for a spot in the World Cup final.

For Croatia, a semi-final was twenty years in the making.

” We lost it in ’98 but this time we are going all the way,”  said fan Niko Zeba.

Starting off strong, England had an early goal five minutes in and the atmosphere was electric.

Over at the Croatian Catholic Church, the match had Croatian fans glued to the screens and many could feel the nerves in the room. Still, nothing was bringing them down.

“I am feeling 100 per cent that we will win that is my hope,” said Walter Brasic.

All fans were happy their country playing a sport they say put them on the map.

“It’s only a one-goal deficit and we’ve come back from a couple one-goal deficits in the tournament already so I think we should be able to bounce back,” said Steven Matkovic after England scoared the first goal of the match.

It wouldn’t be until the 68th minute but they did and the fans went wild. It was now a tied game, drinks were flowing and both sides were at the edge of their seats for a nail-biting game that would go into extra time.

And finally, on the 109th minute, it was Croatia that took home the win.

“The feeling is absolutely incredible we’ve been waiting 20 years for this moment and its just such a wonderful time to see the community come together and everybody just cheer for a common cause and its just a culmination of the world cup spirit for everyone can just find such joy in their community and their heritage and come together,” said Roko Nikolic.

It was a tough loss for England but still a game well played.

“Everybody says the same you know we are proud of them,” said an England fan.

Croatia will face France in the final on Sunday to determine the 2018 World Cup final.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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