Langford daycare under investigation for serious injuries to 11-month-old has licence suspended


WATCH: We had no idea which Langford daycare was under investigation by RCMP after a baby suffered serious injuries allegedly under its care. That is, until Thursday. Our reporter Luisa Alvarez has more.

CHEK News confirmed Amy’s Angels Daycare in Langford is the facility under investigation by the West Shore RCMP’s Serious Crimes Unit and Vancouver Island Health.

Up until Thursday, their name was being withheld by those involved. CHEK has also learned their licence has been suspended.

The daycare’s owner Amy Pallister said on the phone she has been fully cooperative with authorities.

“They asked me if I would like to stay open or not and if I were to stay open, I would have to have someone with me and due to the stress, I chose not to stay open, so yes, they have given me a license suspended until this is over,” said Pallister.

The investigations were sparked after 11-month old Sophie suffered serious injuries.

READ MORE: West Shore RCMP investigating after baby suffers serious head injury allegedly under watch of Langford daycare

“She tore her frenulum, which is the piece of skin that connects the lips to the mouth. They did a CT scan on her and found that she had subdural bleeding in the brain,” Haywood, the child’s mother said Monday.

Haywood alleges the injuries happened under Amy’s Angel’s daycare. She says when she picked up Sophie Friday, she was vomiting and told by staff Sophie fell and hit her head on the coffee table.

“I was like Sophie…Sophie… [but] she was just staring off into space, she couldn’t hold her head up she was limp pretty much breathing on her own and that’s it,” said Haywood

The 11-month-old was then flown to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

“I have been told not to speak about anything so I’m going to wait until I am allowed,” said Pallister about the investigation.

Pallister adds she has been fully transparent when speaking with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, child protective services, as well as Vancouver Island Health.

She says the children that were present at Amy’s Angel’s daycare the day Sophie was injured and are of age have also been interviewed.

Sophie’s condition is improving but Haywood says she is still not herself. In a statement to CHEK News Thursday, Haywood says they are seeking legal action.

“We feel as her parents, we have a legal obligation to have Sophie be represented by a personal injury lawyer. They are acting accordingly, to get justice for Sophie. No child should have to go through what she has gone through. Our heart breaks for her, she is the strongest girl we know,” it reads.

Sophie was finally discharged and will be going home Thursday, but Haywood says her recovery isn’t over as she will periodically have to go back to BC Children’s Hospital.

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