Lack of electric vehicle availability causing hesitancy in would-be-buyers: BC Hydro


Over one-third of people in B.C. have been considering buying an electric vehicle, but lack of supply is causing hesitancy, according to a new report from BC Hydro.

Around 35 per cent of people BC Hydro surveyed are considering buying an electric vehicle as their next vehicle, but many cited a lack of supply as a barrier.

The report notes that manufacturers have also faced supply issues with lithium battery and microchip shortages over the last couple of years.

“Many British Columbians are currently searching for an EV to buy,” said Kyle Donaldson, BC Hydro spokesperson, in a news release. “Of those who are actively searching, 41 per cent describe the EV buying process as difficult, but there is reason to be optimistic as new research from an independent automotive analyst shows EV supply chain issues will begin to ease by 2023, with supply close to fully meeting demand by 2026.”

In order to purchase an electric vehicle, 16 per cent of people have joined one waitlist, seven per cent have joined multiple wait lists, and five per cent have put a deposit on more than one electric vehicle.

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Other measures people have taken include:

  • 13 per cent made inquiries to buy a friend, family member or neighbours’ car.
  • 15 per cent considered purchasing an EV out of province or country.
  • 11 per cent settled for a colour they did not want or gave up features they did want.
  • Five per cent bought a more luxurious model or spent more than they wanted to.
  • One per cent fought with another EV buyer.
  • One per cent told a lie or cheated.

According to BC Hydro, there is expected to be an increase of 3.5 per cent in electric vehicle supply with 30,000 units available in the province this year compared to 2021.

Next year, there is expected to be a growth of 6.5 per cent with 45,000 vehicles available.

By 2026, BC Hydro predicts there will be a supply of 118,000 vehicles.

Additionally, BC Hydro has plans to install 325 fast charging units at 145 sites by December 2025.

Laura Brougham

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