‘It’s incredible’: 2-year-old Nanaimo golf prodigy wows onlookers

'It's incredible': 2-year-old Nanaimo golf prodigy wows onlookers

Two-year-old Boston Saywell smiled and gave his mom a thumbs-up Friday, after the Nanaimo boy sunk another long putt. The tike was just getting warmed up, as he put on a show for CHEK News, proving why everyone who sees him stops and stares.

“I mean look at him. That’s all he thinks about is I’ve got to hit the next shot,” said Harvey Hurd, owner of Beban Park Golf Course.

“Now, he’s a little local celebrity here and we golf every day and he loves it,” said the 2-year-old’s mother Darryl Saywell.

According to Boston’s mom, when he’s not golfing Boston is hitting stones with sticks in the yard, so when he was given his first plastic clubs at the age of one, his game took off running.

His early success has started growing online fans as well, as he has started to establish a community of followers on Instagram.

“He just loves it. He could golf out here all day long, every single day; doesn’t care to really do anything else. He watches golf on the TV, he has favourite golfers,” said Saywell.

“He is so unbelievably talented for 2 years old,” she added.

Early on, the family of avid golfers always wondered if Boston would share the love for the game.

“We hoped he would choose golf, but it turned out he chose golf, not us,” said his grandmother Brenda Marks.

“It’s incredible. He likes it. The first time I saw him I thought, ‘We gotta do something here,'” said Hurd.

Beban Park Golf Course has given the 2-year-old a free membership until he’s six, yet Hurd says they have to watch closely and not push the two-year-old too much.

“Oh I’ve seen it and it goes the other way,” said Hurd.

Saywell’s family plans to be very careful with their little guy, who is showing early potential — making sure golf stays a game, letting Boston decide where it takes him.

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